1. Going to the Garden Maria Rossoto 3:24
  2. Keep It Clean Maria Rossoto 3:09
  3. SeedsSoilWaterSun Maria Rossoto 3:53
  4. Polka Dotty Maria Rossoto 2:44
  5. Beez Beez Maria Rossoto 2:12
  6. Eat A Rainbow Maria Rossoto 3:13
  7. Friends In the Garden Maria Rossoto 2:59
  8. Snakin' Maria Rossoto 3:05
  9. Superb Herbs Maria Rossoto 3:17
  10. The Rot Thing To Do Maria Rossoto 2:50
  11. The Worm Squirm Maria Rossoto 3:00
  12. When You Share Maria Rossoto 3:10


Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musicpreneur Maria Rossoto has a perpetual hankering for adventure and a free-spirited approach to everything she does. That is especially evident in her music. Friends in the Garden, her new CD of original songs that teach kids about organic gardening, is a multi-genre trek covering jazz, Latin, polka, soul, folk rock, disco and blues. Maria wrote the songs, recorded vocals and percussion on the album, created the cover art, and shared post-production with pianist/producer Andrew Fazackerly. She moves deftly from one style to another with a voice that is consistently silky, smoky and full.

Singing jazz is where Maria explores, without inhibition, the bounteous creativity and wide range of her sultry voice. Her innate sense of swing and phrasing is reminiscent of jazz singers of old. She counts Frank Sinatra, Dwight Yoakam, Betty Carter, Anita O’Day, Ernestine Anderson, Jimi Hendrix and Celeste Mendoza as influences– a list befitting her eclectic approach. She was exposed to Puerto Rican, Cuban, jazz and Tejano music by her guitar playing father and got a daily earful of music from India, Greece, Bulgaria and Israel from the folk records her mother played.

Maria became obsessed with Afro-Cuban rhythms and started playing congas in her late 30’s. That led to electric bass lessons, songwriting, drum set lessons, and then voice lessons. She’s played and sung in numerous bands, performing throughout the southeast. We can’t leave out one particularly interesting detail of this story…Maria was shamed about her singing as a very young child and she vowed at age 6 to “never sing in public again.” A hypnotherapy session helped her break that vow and soon after, she became the songwriter/lead singer of an original band.

Nowadays you might find her busking in downtown Decatur, GA or on Atlanta’s Beltline, singing jazz standards or tunes from her new CD “Friends in the Garden.” She edutains kids (and parents) at various events around Atlanta with music from Friends in the Garden, teaching them about bees, worms, planting and other garden themes. While she performs jazz at mostly private events, check her calendar for local, public events where you can hear her captivating vocal style.

Current and future adventures in store from this talented performer include more music production and a custom song business. Also, a very special kind of graphic novel is in the works for Friends in the Garden. Just more proof that Maria Rossoto lives by her favorite tagline – “Groove & Be Happy”.

I love your songs. My favorite song is “The Worm Squirm”. My inspirations are: to write a song about your fans called “I Love My Fans.
- Maya (age 6) -

I absolutely love the CD. The songs are catchy and quirky in a good way. They are very different than most songs I hear on child-friendly CDs which appeal only to children and not to their parents. The quality of the musicians playing backup is really great and it’s a collection of music I will listen to even when I’m rolling solo! Maria has a great voice and her lyrics are original and educational and at times just plain funny! This would be a great gift for any age from 1 to 100.
- Rae (mother of 3) -

I can’t say enough about the FRIENDS IN THE GARDEN music by vocalist and artist Maria Rossoto…
- Bonnie (mother of 3) -


Atlanta-based singer/songwriter/musicpreneur Maria Rossoto is blazing new trails with her multi-genre CD about organic gardening for kids titled “Friends in the Garden.” Edutainment at its very best – the 12 songs authentically cover jazz, Latin, polka, soul, folk rock, disco and blues. Maria performs songs from her CD by day and smoky jazz standards by night. She’s an innovative and talented vocalist.

“There’s enough for everyone, when you share”

“When you share”/Friends in the Garden

“Redorangeyellowgreenbluepurplefood in my belly means I ate a rainbow”

“Eat a Rainbow”/Friends in the Garden

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    Live music adds an important and valuable dimension to any occasion. Let us help you determine what will be the best match for your next event. Maria works with Atlanta’s top musicians to perform in a variety of combinations: vocal & piano or with a 3, 4 or 5-piece band. Maria can perform songs from Friends in the Garden at your next children’s event with any of the above configurations or simply to backing tracks. Contact us, let’s have a conversation, so we can best meet your needs and budget. Thank you!

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