My new Friends in the Garden CD is loaded with brand new, all-original, 100% naturally grown and groove-fortified Tunes that teach kids (and adults) all about organic vegetable gardening.  These songs were written to appeal to kids AND adults.  I worked with youth in a gardening program and saw how much they (and their parents) enjoyed learning about nature; especially when it came to worms and bees and other insecty things that livecropped-cd-cvr-fitg-final-525px.jpg in the garden. Oh what delight to hold a worm in your palm!

I researched worms and honey bees and snakes and lady bugs when I sat down to write the song lyrics. You will notice facts are part of the lyrics for Snakin’, Polka Dotty, Beez Beez and The Worm Squirm. I didn’t want to blind anyone with Science (!), but aimed to make each tune a mini-lesson.

Some cool facts I used in the songs:

Worms don’t have lungs. Worm poop is a highly valuable thing to have in the garden.

A honey bee’s natural predator is the black bear – so don’t wear dark clothing near the bees!

The story of how ladybugs got their name involves European farmers in the Middle Ages who had a serious, crop-threatening pest problem.

Hear some clips:

XOXO Maria