1. Going to the Garden Maria Rossoto 3:24
  2. Keep It Clean Maria Rossoto 3:09
  3. SeedsSoilWaterSun Maria Rossoto 3:53
  4. Polka Dotty Maria Rossoto 2:44
  5. Beez Beez Maria Rossoto 2:12
  6. Eat A Rainbow Maria Rossoto 3:13
  7. Friends In the Garden Maria Rossoto 2:59
  8. Snakin' Maria Rossoto 3:05
  9. Superb Herbs Maria Rossoto 3:17
  10. The Rot Thing To Do Maria Rossoto 2:50
  11. The Worm Squirm Maria Rossoto 3:00
  12. When You Share Maria Rossoto 3:10

Friends in the Garden


Released: 2018
Genre: Kids/Family, Educational
A Parents’ Choice Recommended Award Winner

About “Friends in the Garden”

Great grooves and clever lyrics teach kids all about organic vegetable gardening. A seamless journey through several genres including Latin, Funk and Swing Jazz. Safe to play on that long road trip – moms and dads love it too!

What the Experts Are Saying

“I love all the songs. I made up a dance for SeedsSoilWaterSun.” – Alma (age 3)

“I love your songs. My favorite song is “The Worm Squirm”. My inspirations are: to write a song about your fans called “I Love My Fans.” – Maya (age 6)

“I need to get an instrument so I can play along” – Rowan (age 5)

“Get up and makes you move funny, fun!” – Jordan (age 6)

“Catchy rhythms, funky, (the snake song) makes me feel like I was a snake.” – Sage (age 8)

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